Russia bans entry to 287 British MPs over Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sputnik/Evgeny Biyatov/Kremlin via Reuters

  • Russia has banned 287 British MPs after UK blacklisted Russian lawmakers.
  • The MPs are barred from entering Russia.
  • Moscow said the 287 MPs are made up of those who played the “most active part” in drawing up anti-Russia sanctions.

The Russian foreign ministry said on Wednesday that it has banned entry to 287 British MPs after the UK blacklisted Russian lawmakers over Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

“In response to the decision taken by the British government on March 11 to add 386 State Duma deputies to a sanctions list, in a reciprocal move, personal restrictions are being placed on 287 members of the House of Commons,” the ministry said in a statement.

It said that the MPs are barred from entering the country from now on.

The House of Commons has a total of 650 members.

Moscow said the list is made up of MPs who have played “the most active part” in drawing up anti-Russian sanctions and contributed to “Russophobic hysteria”.

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Among those blacklisted are Speaker Lindsay Hoyle as well as Cabinet members including Minister for Brexit Jacob Rees-Mogg and Environment Secretary George Eustice.

The list also includes Labour MPs, among them Diane Abbott, a close ally of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in parliament that those included in the list “should regard it as a badge of honour”.

“What we will do is keep up our robust and principled support for the Ukrainian people, and their right to protect their lives, their families, and to defend themselves.

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“That is what this country is doing, and that has the overwhelming support, I think, of the whole House.”

Russia has already blacklisted Johnson as well as UK Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and several others.

Russia’s foreign ministry on Wednesday also announced the expulsion of three Norwegian diplomats in a tit-for-tat measure after Oslo expelled three Russian diplomats earlier this month.

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