Eight surprising facts you might not know about Ukrainian President

Zelenskyy sparred with Putin long before the current military invasion, according to the Hulu documentary “Two Men at War” by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

“Do you know, by the way, who else wears this watch?” a Hublot watch salesman asks Zelenskyy’s character in a clip from “Servant of the People.” “Putin,” he adds.

“Who?” Zelenskyy asks. “Putin Hublot?”

“Yes,” the salesman responds.

The pronunciation sounds like “Putin khuilo,” a crude football and protest chant used by Ukrainians against Putin, according to the London Evening Standard. ABC News senior national correspondent Terry Morgan said the “off-colour joke” caused the show to get canceled in Russia.

“In one episode, Zelenskyy makes a joke about Putin, kind of an off-color joke,” he said. “And afterwards, that show was cancelled in Russia. But it added a dimension of political satire, of addressing the problems in Ukraine through comedy. People loved it.”

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