A Russian missile strike damaged the runway of an airport in Odesa, rendering it unusable, Ukraine says

Citizens from Mykolaiv arrive during their evacuation at the railway station in Odessa, Ukraine, on April 29, 2022. Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Ukraine’s military says Russian missiles damaged an airport in Odesa on Saturday.  The damage to the airport’s runway makes it unusable.  Witnesses reported multiple explosions in Odesa, CNN reported. For more … Read more

How the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan crushed a restaurant owner’s business

Laziz Mahal, which had to close down earlier this year. Mojeburahman Musleh A Kabul restaurant owner has finally closed his business after struggling under Taliban rule for months.  Laziz Mahal was underperforming as many Afghans can’t afford to eat out anymore.  With the Taliban in control, the owner said authorities show no support for small … Read more

How a sanctioned Russian company gained access to Sudan’s gold

A Russian-linked company, Meroe Gold, has access to lucrative mineral deposits and licenses to operate in several industries in Sudan.  Meroe Gold is understood to have ties to the Wagner Group, a company connected to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Wagner has been accused of “dangerous and destabilising operations” in foreign countries such as Ukraine, Syria … Read more