UK pharma company fined for contaminated baby feed

Photo: Vijaykumar Thelaprolu / EyeEm/Getty Images A pharmaceutical company in Britain has been fined over £1 million for supplying contaminated feed for premature babies. Nineteen infants were infected at nine hospitals. Three of the babies later died, although a court was told the deaths were not related to the product. A British pharmaceutical company was … Read more

Three Florida prison officers arrested, charged in beating death of inmate

PHOTO: Michele D’ottavio, EyeEm, Getty Images Three Florida prison officers have been arrested for the murder of a handcuffed inmate. A fourth officer is at large. The men face charges of second-degree murder, conspiracy, aggravated battery of a disabled adult and cruel treatment of a detainee. Three Florida correctional officers were in custody on Friday … Read more

UN atomic agency probing ‘extremely serious’ claim that missile flew over Ukrainian power plant

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi.Georges Schneider/Getty Images Ukraine says a missile flew straight over a nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia. The missile could have caused a nuclear accident if it strayed, the IAEA said.  Experts say that while a nuclear accident is unlikely to happen, the plant is not built to withstand conflict. For more … Read more

12 women killed by landslide in Indonesia gold mine

A gold vein is seen. Pierre Longnus, Getty Images 12 women gold miners were killed when cliff collapsed on them. They were working an illegal mine, says authorities. All the bodies have been returned to their families. Twelve women working in an illegal gold mine in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province were killed when a … Read more

German city allows women to bathe topless in pools

PHOTO: Adam Pretty/Getty Images A German city will allow women and men alike to bathe topless, becoming the first in Germany to enable female swimmers to go bare-breasted in the pool following a gender identity dispute. The sports committee of Goettingen in central Germany has recommended to the city’s indoor and outdoor pools that all … Read more

Swedish PM rejects referendum on possible NATO membership

Magdalena Andersson. Nils Petter Nilsson/Getty Images Sweden’s government does not plan to hold a referendum if its parliament decides to proceed with an application for NATO membership. With a majority in parliament backing membership, the ruling Social Democrats are seen as the biggest hurdle to Sweden applying to join the 30-nation alliance. The leader … Read more